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Are saturation pressure and vapor pressure the same thing?

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Asked by: Abby Brown

Vapour pressure and saturation pressure is the same. Saturation pressure is defined as the temperature at which the liquids start to boil at the given temperature. Vapour pressure is the measure of the tendency of the liquid to change into a vapour.

What is meant by saturation pressure?

Definition of saturation pressure
: the pressure of a vapor which is in equilibrium with its liquid (as steam with water) specifically : the maximum pressure possible by water vapor at a given temperature.

How does saturation affect vapor pressure?

At this point the vapor is said to be saturated, and the pressure of that vapor (usually expressed in mmHg) is called the saturated vapor pressure. Since the molecular kinetic energy is greater at higher temperature, more molecules can escape the surface and the saturated vapor pressure is correspondingly higher.

What is saturation water vapor pressure?

The vapor pressure of a system, at a given temperature, for which the vapor of a substance is in equilibrium with a plane surface of that substance’s pure liquid or solid phase; that is, the vapor pressure of a system that has attained saturation but not supersaturation.

How do you find saturation vapor pressure?

Take the temperature of the system for which you want to determine saturation pressure. Record the temperature in degrees Celsius. Add 273 to the degrees Celsius to convert the temperature to Kelvins. Calculate saturation pressure using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation.

What is saturation vapor?

Definition of saturated vapor
: vapor at the temperature of the boiling point corresponding to its pressure and so incapable of being compressed or cooled without condensing — compare equilibrium sense 1c.

What is the relationship between saturation pressure and saturation temperature?

For a pure substance there is a definite relationship between saturation pressure and saturation temperature. The higher the pressure,the higher the saturation temperature. The graphical representation of this relationship between temperature and pressure at saturated conditions is called the vapor pressure curve.

Is vapor a saturated?

noun Thermodynamics. a vapor whose temperature and pressure are such that any compression of its volume at constant temperature causes it to condense to liquid at a rate sufficient to maintain a constant pressure.