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Are Osymetric chainring and power2max Classic power meter compatible?

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Asked by: Jenna Robinson

Do oval chainrings affect power meter?

Indeed, most studies conclude that because of the change in crank velocity, oval rings do influence the accuracy of power meters. More specifically, they cause your power numbers to be inflated. The more non-round your chainring is, the greater the impact on the accuracy of your data.

What are Osymetric chainrings?

Osymetric is a French make of ovoid bicycle chainring which has a non-circular shape whose angle is tailored to the pedal stroke of the individual cyclist. These were designed by engineer Jean-Louis Talo who claims that this improves cycling performance.

Are oval chainrings a gimmick?

As a direct consequence, Oval rings enhance a cyclist’s ability to spin with a smoother power delivery and feel much easier on legs while climbing. Meaning you will go faster and get less tired. You will actually feel your pedal stroke to be more “round” with an Oval chainring than with a round chainring.

Why do mountain bikes have oval chainrings?

Enhanced power: Perhaps the main advantage of oval rings is minimising the “dead spot” in the pedal stroke. That is, oval rings shorten your pedal stroke in the dead spot and lengthen it in the power position, where the cyclist exerts more force.

Do Tour de France riders use oval chainring?

Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome both used non-round chainrings on their way to winning the Tour de France. But do they really help? Five years after Sir Bradley Wiggins became the first Briton to win the Tour de France riding oval rings, Chris Froome continues to use Osymetric chainrings on his Team Sky bike.

Are Q rings worth it?

Q-Rings do not eliminate the dead spots, but they do lighten the load for the weaker areas and transfer that load to the stronger muscles.” “With Q-Rings the pedal stroke remains circular. It is only the rings that are elliptical. This is one reason why the system is an excellent one for trained athletes.

Are oval chainrings faster?

Better acceleration- When you’re starting out from a stop, oval chainrings make it faster and easier to pedal through the dead zone. The additional torque helps you power up to speed.

What are the disadvantage of oval chainring?

However, oval rings also come with a few potential disadvantages: Oval chainrings typically cost more. Your pedal stroke may feel awkward. Potential stress on your knees.

Do XC racers use oval chainring?

I’ve been using oval rings on my bikes (XC, Cross, Road) since spring time 2017. I think that the oval rings smooth out my pedal strokes, and when I’m on steep terrain, it is easier to turn over the pedal.

Are oval chainrings better for climbing?

I really noticed it on technical climbing technical technical climbing was pretty immediate with the pedal stroke. And the way the oval chain ring kind of reacts. Other than that you know I don't

Are oval chainrings better for knees?

Their results clearly show the ovality effects at the knee. Increasing ovality caused decreasing knee joint power, at lower cadences. This is potentially huge for people with osteoarthritic knees or knees that are prone to injury.

Do I need a longer chain for an oval chainring?

Do I need a different chain for an oval chainring? All chains on the market except “half link” chain work perfectly fine with an Oval chainring. That is all 6, 8 ,9, 10, 11 and 12 speed chains are perfect for it. When riding singlespeed we recommend using 8spd chain for greater durability.

What does a bigger chainring do?

The size of a chainring (often expressed in terms of the amount of teeth on it, e.g. a 53t ring) plays a direct role in your bike’s gearing, with bigger rings meaning a higher (harder to push) gear and smaller rings a lower (easier to push) gear.