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Are flip saddle posts available

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Asked by: Catina Anderson

No, there are no saddles that flip up. There are two standard saddle attachment mechanisms: A single hex key tightens a clamp that hold the saddle rails. Two bolts tighten a clamp that hold the saddle rails.

Are all bike seat posts the same size?

Seatpost diameters generally range from 22 mm to 35 mm in 0.2 mm increments. The most common size is 27.2 mm (1.07 in) for most bikes, especially for the higher-quality models. BMX bikes commonly use 25.4 seatposts. In some modern bikes with thicker alloy or carbon tubing, larger diameters such as 30.9 mm are used.

Are suspension seat posts good?

A suspension seatpost is a great comfort upgrade, as it will both absorb bigger hits, as well as dampen vibrations coming up from the road. This essentially means you’ll feel fresher at the end of a long ride. For anything slow and off-road, you cannot beat a spring-damped seatpost.

Are carbon seat posts more comfortable?

A good seatpost is the key to achieving a comfortable ride. That’s because along with your tyres, seatposts actually make up the bulk of your bike’s comfort – in fact, according to the data available, a well-designed carbon seatpost flexes at a rate 100x greater than a steel frame.

Are bike seatposts universal?

While there are any number of post diameters out there, most modern road and MTB bike frames accept a seatpost of either 27.2mm in diameter (‘standard’), 30.9 or 31.6mm (‘oversize’).

How do I know what size bike seat post I need?

To find out the diameter of your seatpost, you must remove the seatpost from the bicycle frame and look for the size, which is stamped just below the “Minimum Insert” line toward the bottom. The number will be a three-digit number (such as 26.8 or 27.2 or 31.6).

How do I choose a seatpost?

Length. Make sure you have the correct length of seatpost for your needs. Seatposts are available in several lengths from 280mm to 400mm so measure the amount of post you have showing (plus the minimum amount of insertion that needs to be in the seat tube) before purchase. If in doubt, measure your old post.

What is a dropper seatpost?

A dropper post, commonly referred to as a dropper, is a replacement for your bicycle’s seat post and allows for quick adjustment of saddle height without requiring you to get off your bike or even stop moving. Most droppers work through cable actuation, although there are a handful of electronic/wireless posts.

What does a suspension seat post do?

A suspension seatpost will greatly increase the amount your seatpost can flex. This reduces the transfer of high-frequency road vibrations from your bike to your body and dampens the impacts of big hits from the road (such as bumps and potholes). The result is a smoother ride and (sometimes) less physical fatigue.

How do suspension seat posts work?

Elastomer suspension seatposts use a solid rubber “bumper” that cushions a hinged linkage or other type of system. The rubber pillion compresses with the linkage and dampens bumps and hits. Simplicity is the benefit of these types of posts, but one concern is that rubber elastomers may wear out over time.

What seatpost has the most setback?

These two-bolt seat posts have a generous 30mm of setback, among the longest ever. This is very important for those who ride leather saddles that often have little fore-and-aft adjustment due to the short rails.

Can you put a carbon seatpost in an Aluminium frame?

A carbon seat post may get stuck in an aluminum frame even when carbon paste is applied. The chances are low, but the outcome is not unheard of when the seat post isn’t removed over a long period.

How long do carbon seatposts last?

For example, Canyon recommends that you replace their carbon handlebars and seatposts every 3 years. They also recommend that you replace their carbon forks every 6 years or after a crash.

How long should my seat post be?

a) Seatpost should end at least 25 millimeters below the lower part of the horizontal tube weld to the seat tube. b) Total inserted length should be at least 90 mm from the top end of the seat tube.

How do you measure the length of a seatpost?

The length of the post that comes out of the frame is known as the stack height. This is the distance from the top of the seatpost collar to where the seat rails would be in the saddle clamp if the post was all the way inserted in the frame.

How do you extend a bike seat post?

Quote from video: Extender is offered in three frame sizes with round tubes for 22.2 frame 25.4. And a 27.2 seat post size. On those you will need a secondary c-clamp to go with it which you need the 25.4.

Are bike saddle rails universal?

Yes, most modern bike seats are universal and can be interchanged with different seat posts. The exceptions are if you have much older equipment or a specialized bike. It’s best to check the number of rails and the rail width on your saddle to ensure a correct fit to the seat adapter.

What size are standard saddle rails?


Non-carbon saddles are typically made with round 7mm rails that fit all standard seat post clamps. Carbon saddles however, are made with an oval rail that measures 7mm wide X 9 mm tall.

What size seatpost clamp do I need?

Note: The seat clamp diameter needs to match the diameter of your seat tube rather than your seatpost, which is a little smaller. For example, a 27.2mm seatpost (a size commonly found on road bikes) fits inside a 28.6mm diameter seat tube, so it’s a 28.6mm clamp you need.

How long a seat post do I need?

a) Seatpost should end at least 25 millimeters below the lower part of the horizontal tube weld to the seat tube. b) Total inserted length should be at least 90 mm from the top end of the seat tube.

Can I cut my seatpost down?

Condensed answer: A bicycle seat post can be cut as long as the new size respects the minimum insertion length of the seat post. Ignoring the minimum insertion length and cutting too much of the seat post will result in extra stress on the frame (seat tube) and may cause a crack.

How do you measure the length of a seatpost?

To figure out the right size, you first need to find your top tube length. This is the horizontal tube that connects both your seat and your handlebars. It’s generally measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post clamp.