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Anyone have trouble with sharp turns on the townie?

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Asked by: Ash Hill

How much does Electra Townie weight?

Weight: 48 pounds. Frame material: 6061-T6 aluminum. Battery warranty: 500 charge cycles or 2 years. Ideal rider height: 5-foot-3 to 6-foot-4.

What is the weight of a Electra Townie 7d?

2019 Electra Townie 7D

MSRP $539
Weight 34.5 lbs
Suspension Rigid
Frame Aluminum
Wheels 26″

What size is the Electra Townie 7d?


Frame size number Wheel size K — Wheelbase
26 26″ 117.5
26 Tall 26″ 119.9

How long is a Townie bike?


Frame size number Wheel size C — Head tube length
26 26″ 21.7

What bike is comparable to a Townie?

The “Townie” and the “EVRYjourney” are great options. Also, it’s great for riders over the age of 50, whose balance isn’t as good as it used to be. In conclusion, Electra and sixthreezero have a similar bike designed for a similar customer base. The other thing about the Townie and the EVRYjourney is the versatility.

How far can you ride a Townie?

A hub-drive motor keeps the Townie affordable. The advertised range of 20 miles with the highest level of assist, was found to be accurate by reviewers. Up to 40 miles were on offer through the lowest level.

How do Townie bikes fit?

Quote from video: The saddle should also be in line with the frame of the bicycle. After tightening the lever back up check the saddle height one last time. Make sure that it's tight.

What is the difference between a Townie and a cruiser?

The Townie is Cruise-ee bike, similar to a beach cruiser but with a little more function. Designed with Electra’s patented Flatfoot Technology, The Townie has an even more forward pedaling position than the Electra Cruisers.

How fast does Townie go?

20 mph

The Townie Go! 7D features our patented Flat Foot Technology® for ultimate comfort and control while riding. Reach a top-assisted speed of 20 mph with support from the rear hub motor. Monitor your level of power support and battery charge easily with the improved LED controller.

Where are Electra Townies made?

Electra Bicycle Company, a subsidiary of Trek Bicycle Company since 2014, was founded in Leucadia, California, in 1993, by Benno Bänziger and Jeano Erforth.

Electra Bicycle Company.

Type Private
Founded 1993
Headquarters Encinitas, California , United States
Products Bicycle and related components
Parent Trek Bicycle Company

What does EQ mean on Townie bike?

Equipped Equipped

Equipped. Equipped, or “EQ” as we say at Electra, simply means your ride comes with some sweet added benefits. Color-matched fenders keep you clean and dry while front and rear LED lights help you see and be seen.

How many gears does the Electra Townie have?

The tech you get

Shimano Revo twist shifter provides a smooth transition through 7 gears, allowing you to climb hills with ease. Linear-pull brakes control deceleration for easy stopping and custom Electra 24″ tires roll smooth for a cushy ride.

Is Electra Townie made by Trek?

Electra was founded in 1993 but was later acquired by Trek in 2014. The management and the company’s philosophy have stayed the same, so Electra stays true to its primary idea of making bikes that are unique, fun, and built for everyone.

Is Trek and Electra the same?

Electra Bicycle Company is proud to be part of the Trek family. Who would have thought the local, independent bike company that started more than 25 years ago in Southern California would end up partnered with a global leader like Trek?

What is Electra Flat Foot Technology?

Flat Foot Technology fixes that by giving you the ability to plant your feet flat on the ground for a solid footing every time with absolute comfort and control. Flat Foot Technology allows you to optimize the effort of pedaling with proper leg extension due to our unique frame geometry and lower center of gravity.

What is the difference between Electra Townie and cruiser?

Electra Townie

The Townie is Cruise-ee bike, similar to a beach cruiser but with a little more function. Designed with Electra’s patented Flatfoot Technology, The Townie has an even more forward pedaling position than the Electra Cruisers.

How much does a cruiser bike weight?

Naturally, cruiser bikes are heavier. It is common to find cruiser bikes that weigh 30 – 40 lbs. However, you can always purchase a lightweight cruiser bike that weighs less.

Is 26 inch bike good for what height?

26-inch bikes are frequently the optimal size for small riders, from 5ft5 to 5ft9. Still, a 26-inch bike with large frames can work for adults and youngsters. Therefore, for those 5ft8 or taller, a size 26 bike with a large frame will suffice.

Are cruiser bikes good for long rides?

Are cruisers good for long distance? It depends on the type of trail and your timeline. You won’t be blazing new trails like a mountain biker or clipping along at top speeds like a city biker, but a beach cruiser does allow you to comfortably travel for long distances.

Is a cruiser bike hard to pedal?

Cruiser bicycles are easy to ride on flat, straight routes but very hard to ride up steep hills and to navigate tight turns. That’s because of their signature traits: relaxed riding posture, balloon tires, and long wheelbase.

Can you lose weight on a cruiser bike?

Many people ride cruiser bikes as a hobby and for fun, but riding a bike is an excellent way to get exercise, stay fit and lose weight. Unlike most other exercise machines, a cruiser is considered low impact.