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Acera rear derailleur / freewheel compatibility

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Asked by: Brittany Wilson

Can I replace tourney with acera?

You have the option to upgrade the front derailleur and shifter to Shimano Acera for improved performance. Sadly the rear derailleur can’t be upgraded. If your bike is old and the rear derailleur feels clunky, try replacing the cable and/or replace with a new Tourney derailleur.

Does Shimano acera have a clutch?

It doesn’t get a clutch though, it’s mostly made of steel, and it’ll only work with a cassette with a maximum of 45t.

How do you adjust a Shimano Acera rear derailleur?

Quote from video: The derailleur down into the small cog. Once we do that we're going to turn the barrel adjuster all the way in so that we have room to adjust it. After adjusting the cable position at the anchor.

Is Shimano Acera 8 speed?

The Shimano Acera RD-M360 rear derailleur is suitable for 7- and 8-speed shifters.

Is Shimano Acera better than Tourney?

Shimano Altus and Acera are definitely better than Tourney. They are lighter and operates more smooth. They aren’t as advanced as alivio but for most e-bike riders they will do the job. Biggest problem is not operating smoothly under heavy load.

Is Alivio better than Acera?

Shimano Alivio

As one might expect, it’s a little bit better again relative to Acera and the groupsets further below. Smoother, faster, slightly more reliable – you get the idea.

Which derailleurs have a clutch?

Almost all modern mountain bike derailleurs (and Shimano’s GRX gravel groupsets, Ultegra RX rear mech, SRAM’s single-ring road groupsets and eTap AXS 12-speed road rear mechs) include a clutch mechanism.

What is a clutch type rear derailleur?

The ‘clutch’ feature ensures tension is retained in the derailleur throughout its movement. Over rough ground, the weight of the chain can cause the rear derailleur to bounce and move, leading to chain noise and the possibility of it falling off the chainrings completely.

What is the clutch for on a Shimano rear derailleur?

Shimano’s derailleur clutch maintains chain tension and prevents the chain from bouncing around and coming off. The clutch has needed attention in the past to keep shifting smoothly.

Is Shimano acera 9-speed?

Designed for 9-speed trekking drivetrains, the SHIMANO ACERA T3000 derailleur shifts with accurate, dependable performance.

How do I know if my rear derailleur is worn out?

All derailleurs wear out at some point. Check for wear by pulling laterally on the lower cage. Compare this movement in the linkage of a new derailleur. Sloppy pivot and linkages will produce inconsistent shifting, and the only solution is a new derailleur.

What is the on/off switch on my Shimano derailleur?

SHADOW PLUS rear derailleurs feature an on/off switch used to adjust spring tension, which optimizes chain retention over bumpy terrain. This keeps the chain stable for smooth, seamless shifting so you can focus on the ride without noisy distractions from a clanking chain.

Which Shimano gear is best?

Shimano Dura-Ace (R9100) Groupset – Top-end mechanical groupset. Used by many Pro Tour teams, and featured as the drivetrain of choice on high end road bikes, Dura-Ace is the pinnacle of the Shimano mechanical gearing and braking arsenal.

What level is Shimano Altus?

basic level

Shimano Altus is an MTB groupset is just above Tourney on the MTB component hierarchy chart. Even though Altus is labelled as a basic level componentry, this is the beginning of performance focused gears and other parts which are lighter and better in design.

Are Shimano Altus gears any good?

The Altus M2000 series offers many features that make it an excellent option for a bike that sees the occasional trail ride, including a side swing derailleur that allows for a larger rear tire clearance compared to Tourney’s top swing front derailleur.

Which is better Shimano Tourney TX or TZ?

Tourney TX is slightly better than TZ in shifting quality and smoothness. Your choice of speeds is either 7 or 8 with a triple crankset.

What is the hierarchy of Shimano components?

Shimano’s components can be roughly classified into three groups: entry-level, mid-range, and high-end. The Shimano MTB hierarchy starts with Tourney and ends with XTR. Their Road groupset hierarchy starts with Claris at the low-end and ends with Dura-Ace at the top-end.

What is Shimano Tourney?

Shimano Tourney is the most basic component available in Shimano’s hierarchy of groupsets. It is also the most widely seen groupset, especially derailleurs on budget bicycles. From Road, to MTB to Hybrids; The Tourney is seen on all these categories of bicycles.

Which Shimano gear is best?

Shimano Dura-Ace (R9100) Groupset – Top-end mechanical groupset. Used by many Pro Tour teams, and featured as the drivetrain of choice on high end road bikes, Dura-Ace is the pinnacle of the Shimano mechanical gearing and braking arsenal.

Why Campagnolo is better than Shimano?

It’s really not different than a Japanese car vs Italian (although Campy is more reliable than many Italian car brands). Campy is a little harder to setup (more finicky) but has a smoother feel. Shimano is more precise, but feels more “clinical” for lack of a better word. The other big difference is shift ergonomics.

What is the best gear ratio for climbing hills?

You will need even lower gear ratios for steep hills that are 8% or more. The most preferred gear ratios on such tracks are 50/34, 40/34, 36/40, 34/36, 34/32, 34/30, and 32/20. However, remember that using gears with such a low ratio will cause you to pedal more, but it will require less effort.