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29er Road Tire?

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Asked by: Joe Haynes

Can I put 700c tires on a 29er?

Any 700c tire can be mounted on any 29er rim, and vice versa. (But it’s generally a good idea not to mount a tire on a rim wider than the tire, or less than 1/3 the width of the tire.) Both the Alfine 11 wheel and a normally spaced front wheel will fit a 29er mountain bike frame just fine.

Can you use road tires on a mountain bike?

The short answer is yes, you can put road wheels on a mountain bike, but due to the very different design of a mountain bike when compared to a road bike, you also need to make some other adjustments and take the design of the bike into consideration to make this transition work out.

Are 29er tires the same as 700c?

29″ (ISO size 622) is actually the same rim diameter as 700C, although most 29″ tires will not fit 700C road rims because they’re too wide. 29″ tires are popular with mountain bikers; search for 29″ MTB.

What is 29er in road bike?

The “29” refers to the diameter of the wheels these bikes use (with a tire mounted). 29″ MTB wheels are also the same diameter as a 700c road bike wheel. The original 26-inch mountain bikes have been overtaken by not just 29ers but also 27.5-inch mountain bikes.

What is a 29er bike good for?

29ers offer several big advantages over their smaller-wheeled siblings: Better momentum once rolling, meaning more progress for less effort and faster rolling over open terrain. A larger tire contact area on the trail, giving better traction and control when climbing or cornering.

Do road bikes have 29 inch wheels?

All road and cyclocross bikes are built with 700c wheels, which are 29 inches.

Can you put 700c tires on a mountain bike?

You can put 700c tires on most mountain bikes without issues. Actually, the rim diameter 29-inch MTB wheels are identical to that of a 700c wheel. So as long as the width of the 700c tire isn’t smaller than the rim width, it will work perfectly on a mountain bike.

Can I turn my mountain bike into a road bike?

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike – What’s The Difference? A mountain bike can absolutely be converted into a road bike. They have a few similar elements, and you could even get away with using an unchanged mountain bike on streets for a short period of time.

Can you put thinner tires on a mountain bike?

It is possible. For typical mountain rims, the low limit is somewhere around 28mm. Some differences from mounting narrower tires are following: Less cushioning from tires: Smaller tires can not absorb as much shock from from curbs, cracks in the pavement, etc.

Which is bigger 700C or 29er?

29″ (ISO size 622) is the same inside diameter as 700C, but some 29″ tires will not fit 700C road rims because they’re too wide.

What does 700C mean?

700C tires

The “700” refers to the rough outer diameter of the tire, although the actual outer diameter will vary greatly, depending on the type of tire and tread pattern. The “C” means NOTHING; it does not stand for “centimeters.” Think about it–a 700-centimeter tire would be HUGE, over 21 feet tall!

What does 700x38c mean?

700x38c is the size of your bicycle tire. 700 is the nominal diameter of the tire in millimeters. 38 is the width of the tire (as seen if you were looking at your bike from the front/back). C refers to the old French system of classifying wheels according to their Bead Seat Diameter.

Do 29ers climb better?

29ers are better up hills. Bigger wheels are heavier which works against you when climbing, so in this respect it’s a myth. However, if the climb is littered with rocks and steps, the bigger wheel will roll over these momentum sapping obstacles with less effort.

Are 29ers harder to jump?

Worse, largely because most jumps are not designed for 29ers. I’ve found that the jumps have to be designed for the wheelsize, like BMX, DH, etc. You can usually still jump with 29ers, do some pretty huge stuff, I have, but it’s a little worse.

Who should ride a 29 inch bike?

29ers are often better suited to taller riders.

wheels affect the overall geometry of a bike frame more drastically than 27.5 in. wheels. This can make it difficult for shorter riders (especially those shorter than 5 ft. 6 in.) to find a 29er that fits well.

Will a 29 inch tube fit a 700c?

Mountain bike tyre sizes are usually stated in inches. So a 29 inch MTB tube will have the same diameter as a 700c road wheel, while a 27.5 inch tube will be the same diameter as a 650b road wheel. You can also get 26 inch MTB tubes.

Is 27.5 same as 700c?

That’s changed over the past decade, so the majority of modern mountain bikes now come either with 29in or 27.5in wheels. These two sizes are equivalent to 700c and 650b wheel sizes expressed in the European ETRTO wheel size designations and have the same bead seat diameters.

What is the diameter of a 29er tire?

about 29.15 inches

29er rims have an interior diameter of 622 millimetres (24.5 in) and the average 29″ mountain bike tire is (in ISO notation) 59-622 – corresponding to an outside diameter of about 29.15 inches (740 mm).

Will 700c tires fit 26 rims?

Quote from video: So now we come to a very big problem brakes the 26 inch rims are way smaller than the 700 C rims. So these brakes are just not going to be able to reach the rim there.

How much faster is a 29er than a 26er?

7.5 seconds

In the end, the 29ers came in 7.5 seconds ahead of the 26ers—a 2.4-percent speed increase—without making the riders work harder, as there were no differences in power output, cadence, time spent coasting, work, or heart rate.

Which is bigger 26 or 700c?

A 26 inch, or a 650c wheel is about 1 inch smaller (about 2 inches smaller with road slicks) in diameter than a 700c. On smaller bikes, that 2 inches is a big help in building the perfect size without sacrificing performance.