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Wie reed op Seattle Slew?

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Is Seattle Slew still living?

Seattle Slew was the only living Triple Crown winner. Affirmed, who became the 11th and last Triple Crown winner in 1978, died in January 2001 at 26. Slew died in his sleep at Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm, where he recently was moved after a second operation on his spine, the farm said.

Did Seattle Slew ever lose?

He is buried in a leafy courtyard on a farm in Lexington, Ky., beneath a bed of pachysandra and the bronze statue of a strapping horse that bears his name. It’s a worthy resting place for Seattle Slew, a champion thoroughbred who, 40 years ago, made history. He won the Triple Crown without ever having lost a race.

Is Seattle Slew related to Secretariat?

Seattle Slew was foaled on February 15, 1974, at the White Horse Acres breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky. He had an impressive family tree: his sire, Bold Reasoning, was the grandson of Bold Ruler, the father of the great Secretariat.

How was Seattle Slew buried?

Slew spent his years of retirement at Spendthrift Farm, then spent the last 17 years at Three Chimneys in Midway, Ky., before arriving at Hill ‘n’ Dale on April 1. Slew will be buried beneath a statue in a courtyard at Hill ‘n’ Dale, a 319-acre farm near Keeneland.

Are any of Secretariat’s offspring still alive?

Secretariat had more than 650 registered foals when he died, the last group born in 1990. Today, there are two living Secretariat offspring: 34-year-old Border Run and 33-year-old Trusted Company, both of whom celebrated birthdays on Jan. 1, reports Thoroughbred Racing Commentary.

How many foals did Seattle Slew sire?

1,066 foals

Seattle Slew had sired a total of 1,066 foals before his death, 102 of them stakes winners.

How many foals did Secretariat have?

Secretariat’s record off the track was not as successful as it had been on it. Put out to stud in late 1973, he sired nearly 600 foals, including one horse that sold for more than $1 million at auction—but nearly all of his male offspring failed miserably at the racetrack.

Who is the most famous race horse?

The Top 10 Most Famous Racehorses Of All Time

  1. Secretariat. The greatest racehorse of all time. …
  2. Man o’ War. Man o’ War’s weight-carrying performances are the stuff of horse racing legend. [ …
  3. Seattle Slew. …
  4. Winx. …
  5. Kelso. …
  6. Makybe Diva. …
  7. Zenyatta. …
  8. Hurricane Fly.

Did Seattle Slew ever win the Triple Crown?

But one Thoroughbred that succeeded on both fronts was Seattle Slew, who in 1977 became the only undefeated horse to win the Triple Crown. One of racing’s all-time bargains as a $17,500 yearling purchase, Seattle Slew died last Tuesday in Lexington, Ky., exactly 25 years to the day of his Kentucky Derby triumph.

Did Seattle Slew have wobblers?

Near the end of his long and storied life, one of the greatest Thoroughbred racehorses of all times, 1978 Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew, was diagnosed with cervical vertebral malformation (CVM, commonly known as wobbler syndrome).

What is Seattle Slew stud fee?


Seattle Slew’s stud fee, a record $800,000 in 1985, was $300,000 at the time of his death. “He was the most complete thoroughbred the industry has ever seen,” Mickey Taylor said. “He just kept raising the bar with every record he broke.”

What horse won the Triple Crown in 1973?


When Secretariat won the 1973 Preakness on his way to conquering the Triple Crown, a similar controversy began brewing seconds after he crossed the finish line, one that would last for nearly four decades. Click image to purchase shirt.

Where is Secretariat buried standing up?

After his racing career, Secretariat stood at stud at Claiborne until he was 19, when he died of laminitis, an incurable condition affecting a horse’s hooves. Secretariat’s grave is located in an understated horse cemetery, past two brick pillars with granite roosters atop them, behind Claiborne’s main office.

Was Secretariat a stallion?

Secretariat was a legendary thoroughbred racehorse whose name reigns supreme in the history of racing. The stallion with a chestnut coat, three white “socks” and cocky demeanor not only became the first horse in 25 years to win the Triple Crown in 1973, he did it in a way that left spectators breathless.

How much did Secretariat earn in stud fees?

Prospector’s progeny have earned $28 million, Secretariat’s $14 million. In the eyes of most breeding experts, Secretariat’s performance has not been even as good as those statistics might suggest.

How much did Penny Chenery make from Secretariat?

$6.08 million

Chenery made headlines by successfully syndicating Secretariat for $6.08 million and Riva Ridge for $5 million.

Who is the fastest horse in history?

Winning Brew

This is a Guinness World Record was achieved by a horse called Winning Brew. She was trained by Francis Vitale in the United States. The race was recorded at the Penn National Race Course, Grantville, Pennsylvania, United States. Winning Brew covered the quarter-mile (402 metres) in 20.57 seconds.

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