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Komt Daniel terug in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?

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What’s wrong with Daniel in fear the walking dead?

After having been forcefully separated from his beloved Skidmark, Daniel appears to have developed dementia and works as a barber for the Pioneers.

Where is Daniel in ftwd?

Daniel himself reveals that he killed around 96 people in El Salvador and still suffers the trauma of his actions. He left his country after the war with his wife and emigrated to Los Angeles where he came to own and operate a barbershop called “Salazar’s Cuts”.

Who is Daniel talking to in fear the walking dead?

The whole episode is framed by narration from Daniel as he explains his version of events, and toward the end of the installment, it’s revealed that he’s been talking to June (Jenna Elfman) the whole time.

Is Madison Clark dead?

During the Fear The Walking Dead, season four midseason finale, the series’ main character, Madison Clark, died. She burned to death trying to stop a herd of walkers, several hundred strong, from destroying her children, friends, and community in a last-ditch effort to save them all.

Why is Daniel behind bars in Fear the Walking Dead?

Discussion point: Daniel and Victor’s complex history

When Daniel locked Victor behind bars on the assumption he’d stolen some weapons, the show tapped into the pair’s turbulent history for the first time in ages.

How did Daniel lose his memory?

Later in the episode, though, Daniel drops the facade after coming face to face with Morgan Jones (Lennie James). “Good to see you, Morgan.” Seems like Daniel has been using his old CIA skills to fake memory loss, presumably to work as a double agent inside Virginia’s stronghold in the town of Lawton.

What was Daniel Salazar before the Apocalypse?

Daniel was a soldier in the ranks of the Salvadoran junta during the Civil War in the 1980s. He escaped by fleeing to America as a refugee, where he raised a family with his wife and now owns a barbershop.

What happened to Proctor John fear the walking dead?

With the show’s soft reboot and time skip in Season 4, the storyline involving Proctor John has been abandoned, leaving him and his gang following the dam’s explosion with an unknown fate. Appearing in only two episodes, John has the fewest appearances of any main antagonist on Fear.

Does Ofelia see Daniel again?

That’s right: After splitting Ofelia and Daniel apart in the season two midseason finale, they have been teasing their reunion for the last six or seven episodes. And just as they were about to finally see each other again, Ofelia croaks.

Does Daniel find Ofelia in Fear the Walking Dead?

Daniel Finally Makes It to Ofelia in an Emotional Scene From Fear the Walking Dead Episode 14.

Does Daniel find Ofelia?

Daniel finds Ofelia in the chaos. He begins to cry and asks Ofelia if she is okay. She says yes, and that she is worried about her father. He hugs her fiercely.

Why did Andrew shoot Ophelia?

To please put down the gun. Adams surprised us all by shifting his aim. He shoots Ofelia. I believe he shot Ofelia because he wanted to exact his revenge on Daniel and if Ofelia continued to beg, he feared he might drop the gun.

How old is Ofelia?


Ofelia is an eleven-year-old girl who is living in wartime Spain and, after her father dies, is sent to live with her new stepfather, the powerful fascist officer Captain Vidal. She feels trapped by reality until her imagination takes her into an enchanted labyrinth where she meets a faun who agrees to help her.

Why did Ofelia poison the ranch?

Madison informs everyone that Ofelia poisoned the militia’s coffee. Madison holds Ofelia at gunpoint and forces her to drive to the Black Hat. Ofelia insists that the powder was only supposed to make the militia sick so that her people, the Black Hat community, could take over the ranch without bloodshed.

What is the key around Morgans neck?

John’s key gives him great privileges, but at what cost? While Morgan is wearing his key around his neck, John has his pinned to his lapel. The key pin signifies his status as one of Virginia’s rangers, a symbol that we also see flying on a flag over Lawton early in the episode.

What happened to Ofelia Fear the Walking Dead Season 2?

Ofelia Salazar, Daniel’s daughter, was last seen in the Season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Interestingly enough, she was found by Jeremiah Otto, a new character played by Dayton Callie. When Madison Clark and her family arrived at the Otto family’s Broke Jaw Ranch, many expected to find Ofelia.

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