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Is Molly’s game op Amazon Prime?

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Is Mollys game on prime?

Watch Molly’s Game | Prime Video.

What platform is Molly’s game on?

Watch Molly’s Game | Netflix.

What should I watch if I like Molly’s game?

17 Movies Like Molly’s Game (2017)

  • Wind River, 2017. …
  • Icarus, 2017. …
  • On Body and Soul, 2017. …
  • The Tragically Hip – Long Time Running, 2017. …
  • Phantom Thread, 2018. …
  • The Florida Project, 2017. …
  • The Death of Stalin, 2017. …
  • Borg vs McEnroe, 2018.

Why is Molly’s game rated R?

Why is Molly’s Game rated R? Molly’s Game is rated R by the MPAA for language, drug content and some violence. Violence: A woman is beat up by a man, including kicking, punching, and having her head bashed against a wall.

Is Molly the game on Netflix?

Watch Molly’s Game | Netflix.

Did Molly Bloom marry?

Molly Bloom is married to Devin Effinger, a neuroscientist. They got married in 2019 at Piney Lake, Colorado, after supposedly dating for one year. They reside in Colorado.

Is Molly’s game a true story?

Molly’s Game explores the world of underground poker, following the true story of Molly Bloom, as she transforms from Olympic-level skier to hostess of the most exclusive poker club in the world, to FBI target.

Why is Anna rated R?

Parents need to know that Anna is a sleek, violent action movie from director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) about a KGB assassin (supermodel Sasha Luss). Expect lots of intense martial arts violence, with punching, kicking, stabbing, slicing, and impaling.

What age is Mollys game?

Molly’s Game, starring Jessica Chastain, is an amazing biopic drama film about Molly Bloom. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, this movie has some language, some drinking and smoking, and some violence. This film also has great messages and great role models. This film is okay for teens 14+.

Why is the movie Miss Sloane rated R?

Miss Sloane is rated R by the MPAA for language and some sexuality. Violence: – Brief portrayals of non-graphic violence. – Infrequent portrayals of gun violence with no blood or detail.

Is Miss Sloane worth watching?

Critic Reviews for Miss Sloane

It’s absurd. But it’s never boring. June 14, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review… Hard to root for but mesmerising to watch, Sloane is expertly portrayed by Chastain in this dialogue-heavy lobbyist thriller that should please fans of both actor and genre.

Is Miss Sloane a real story?

Is Miss Sloane a true story? Miss Sloane may smack of a tiny, NRA-battled piece of real-life legislature blown up into human-interest cinematic gold, but sadly the bill in question never happened and Sloane is no real-life political ball-breaker.

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