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Who is the mean girl in Soul Surfer?

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Asked by: Jason Miller

The Soul Surfer true story reveals that Malina Birch is a fictional character. She was used to depict a variety of competitors Bethany had encountered in her life.

Did they find Bethany Hamilton’s arm?

Did they ever find the exact shark that bit Bethany’s arm? Yes. At the time, a family of fisherman led by Ralph Young caught and killed a tiger shark about one mile from the site of the attack.

Are Bethany Hamilton and Alana still friends?

Over the years, that friendship grew stronger. Fast forward to today, and both women are staples in the surf world. Bethany recently put together the homage to their friendship you see above and released it on her Youtube channel, and it will make you want to get a hold of an old friend just to say hello.

Who is Malina in Soul Surfer?

Sonya Balmores

Sonya Balmores: Malina Birch
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Does Dennis Quaid really surf?

The 63-year-old actor looked to be in impeccable shape as he hit the beach with girlfriend Santa Auzina, who judging by the pictures, makes an awesome surfing partner. Quaid has been a longtime surfer, which may be responsible for his killer physique.

Is there a Soul Surfer 2?

AnnaSophia Robb stars in this true-story adaptation about a young surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack and made her way back into the ocean. The second trailer has been released for the true-story drama Soul Surfer, which will be released in theaters nationwide on April 15.

Was the shallows a true story?

And while The Shallows isn’t based on a true story — there was no girl named Nancy fighting against a great white shark for survival on an isolated beach called Paradise — that doesn’t really make it, or movies like it, any less scary.

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she got attacked?


Bethany Hamilton says she’ll never compete as a disabled surfer, despite having her left arm completely severed by a tiger shark at the age of 13.