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What is the NIT college basketball tournament?

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Asked by: Joe Hegie

National Invitation Tournament (NIT), collegiate basketball competition initiated in the United States in 1938 by New York City basketball writers and held annually since then in Madison Square Garden under the auspices of the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association (MIBA).

Is the NIT the same as the NCAA Tournament?

And so by the mid-1980s, the NIT had become a secondary tournament for lesser teams. And later in 2005, the NCAA purchased the rights to the NIT from the MIBA. Nowadays, the National Invitation Tournament is only considered as a consolation tournament for those teams who fail to make it to the NCAA Tournament.

How do you get in the NIT tournament?

Seeding and Placement Process
The bottom four move to the next ballot. The process is repeated until all teams have been placed on the seed list. After the NCAA Tournament selections are announced, the top remaining 32 teams on the seed list are invited to the NIT Tournament.

What happened to the NIT basketball tournament?

The 2021 season was the first time the NIT was not held in Manhattan after being relegated to Texas due to COVID-19. The tournament will run from now until the championship game on March 31st at MSG. Below, we are tracking the results from every game and updating the NIT bracket as games unfold.

What is the tournament below the NIT?

College Basketball Invitational

Current season, competition or edition: 2022 College Basketball Invitational
College Basketball Invitational
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How does the NIT tournament work?

It is a single-elimination tournament (a loss brings elimination) with 32 of the nation’s outstanding college teams invited to participate. Because most teams aspire to a berth in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament’s field of 65, the NIT has lost most of its earlier lustre.

Does the NIT mean anything?

The National Invitational Tournament (or NIT) has a storied history in college football’s postseason, and your team is probably in it if it just missed out on the NCAA tourney.

How many teams are in the NIT tournament?

32 teams

The 32 teams that started the 2022 NIT have played down to four, and the semifinals and final of America’s oldest college basketball tournament will head to Madison Square Garden in New York to determine a champion.

What teams are in NIT tournament?

Oklahoma, SMU and Texas A&M join the Flyers on the top seed line. Xavier, North Texas, BYU and Wake Forest are the No. 2 seeds in the field. Other major programs participating in this year’s tournament include Vanderbilt, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, VCU, Oregon and Rick Pitino’s Iona.

Where is the NIT basketball tournament played?

New York City

The 2022 NIT Championship will be played at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Who won the NIT Tournament 2022?


NEW YORK – Xavier held off Texas A&M to take a 73-72 win in the 2022 NIT Finals at Madison Square Garden on Thursday evening. The title marks the program’s second NIT Championship, also winning the title in 1958.