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What is a metal rake called?

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Asked by: Frank Palma

These rakes are almost always made of metal, and are sometimes called iron rakes or level head rakes. They are used for moving, spreading, and levelling soil.

What are two different types of rakes?

12 Rake Types for Your Backyard

  • Leaf Rake. If you’re raking leaves, what you need is a leaf rake, also known as a lawn rake (view example on Amazon). …
  • Shrub Rake. A shrub rake is built very much like a leaf rake. …
  • Bow Rake. …
  • Hand Rake. …
  • Thatch Rake. …
  • Power Rake. …
  • Dirt Rake. …
  • Landscaping Rake.

What is a steel rake?

They are strong and rigid, usually made of metal. While using a bow rake to collect leaves is not unheard of, the sharpness and strength of the tines make it more suited to heavier duty projects. The side of the head opposite the tines is flat, earning it its other common name: level head rake.

Why is it called a bow rake?

The bow-shaped head gives this tool its name. The smooth side allows gardners to push or pull materials for leveling. The heads of bow rakes are almost always made of steel.

What is a head rake?

Similar in appearance and function to the bow rake, level head (aka flathead) rakes feature a head with a row of straight or curved tines connected directly to the handle. Level head rakes can be used for similar tasks as the bow rake but are especially good at breaking up spaded soil and eliminating debris.

What is a metal rake for?

These rakes are almost always made of metal, and are sometimes called iron rakes or level head rakes. They are used for moving, spreading, and levelling soil.

What are metal rakes good for?

Durability. People prefer metal rakes because of the durability factor. Steel rakes are obviously made from the most durable materials out there, which significantly increases their lifespan. Of course, the most solid rake is the one that has a metal handle, but also metal tines.

What is a spring rake?

Rake leaves, grass, or other debris. Use it to move mulch, wood chips, or gravel. Clean out your beds, de-thatch your lawn, or pull pruning clippings out of your shrubbery. Reinforced tines, coupled with an additional spring, allow you to dig into a pile of wet leaves without any damage to the rake.

What is the difference between a lawn rake and a leaf rake?

Leaf rakes are sometimes referred to as lawn rakes or fan rakes. However, they differ from lawn rakes because they have plastic tines which are only designed to move leaves, grass clippings, and other very lightweight materials.

What is a garden rake called?

Garden Rake

It can also be known as a bow rake. Typically, a garden rake will have a long and straight handle, with a stiff, wide head at a right angle to the handle. The head will typically be made of sturdy metal, and have many short tines attached to it.

What is a gravel rake?

Generally speaking, a gravel rake is used to clear debris from areas of gravel. The heads tend to be made from thick, hard-wearing metal and the individual teeth are widely-spaced, so as to limit disturbance of the rocks. You might be wondering whether or not you can just use your garden rake or thatch rake.

What is a landscaping rake?

A landscape rake is a hard-tined metal rake that either can be a hand rake or can be attached to a garden tractor. Garden rakes can range from a few tines to wide rakes with closely spaced tines. Unlike a leaf rake, landscape rakes have very little give as you work them through the soil.

What is a Springbok rake?

The Springbok Rake is Bulldog’s most popular rake, professional landscapers choose this tool for scarifying lawns, removing grass clippings, dead grass as well as many other raking jobs.

What is a Scarifier and raker?

A lawn rake has a plastic cylinder which is lined with metal tines. This has the capability to comb the lawn, removing the moss and debris effectively. A scarifier, on the other hand, has knife-like steel blades attached to its cylinder.

What rake to use for scarifying?

If you are feeling energetic and strong, a spring tine rake will do the job admirably. Be careful not to remove all the thatch as it’s there to protect the delicate growing parts of the plant. On the other hand – too much thatch will slow down drainage and restrict air flow.

What’s the difference between scarifying and raking?

What is the difference between lawn raking and Scarification? Lawn-raking, carried out using a leaf rake or a small raking machine, is a good way of removing moss from a lawn. The Scarification is the use of heavy-duty flails (knives) on a motorised machine. It is a very intrusive treatment into the lawn’s surface.

Is dethatching the same as scarifying?

Both scarifying and dethatching involve dethatching. To keep them separate in your head just remember that scarifying is a deeper, more aggressive process, while dethatching is a fairly shallow, gentle process. There are many different makes and models of dethatchers.

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