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What is a curling rink?

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The playing surface or curling sheet is a rectangular area of ice, carefully prepared to be as flat and level as possible, 146 to 150 feet in length by 14.2 to 15.7 feet in width. The shorter borders of the sheet are called the backboards.

Is curling ice different from skating ice?

In the case of curling, though, what the ice looks like and how it feels are essential to a successful, fair game. Curling ice is rougher than skating ice so players — and their equipment —can get a better grip.

Is curling ice real ice?

The curling rock is actually made from a rare granite that repels the water itself. The “waterproof” rock, which is slightly hollowed out on the underside, doesn’t suction to the surface of the ice or get stuck as it moves throughout the game.

What is the curling rink made of?

Natural Ice

Natural Ice
A curling rink is made out of ice, but how is such a big sheet of ice made? In most commercial and large arenas, water is piped into the area where the ice will go. Sensors are placed under the rink to alert to temperature and melting.

Why is it called curling?

Curling is named after the unique turning that occurs at the end of the stone’s path on the ice. The curling stone, or rock, is made of dense polished granite from Ailsa Craig, Scotland, and in the Olympics, each rock weighs 19.1 kg (44 lbs).

Is a curling rink flat?

The playing surface or curling sheet is a rectangular area of ice, carefully prepared to be as flat and level as possible, 146 to 150 feet in length by 14.2 to 15.7 feet in width. The shorter borders of the sheet are called the backboards.

How thick is the ice on a curling rink?

approximately 3 centimetres thick

Curling ice is approximately 3 centimetres thick and is not a smooth surface, but pebbled with bumps of ice. The ideal temperature for curling ice is between −3° C and −7° C.

How does curling ice stay frozen?

The curling stone’s concave bottom, which limits how much it comes into contact with the ice, and the pebbles reduce friction. Essentially, the pebbles melt a bit when the heavy stone runs across them, creating a micro-layer of water upon which the stone can glide.

Are curling stones frozen?

What is Curling? Curling is one of the oldest team sports and is played on ice. The game dates back to medieval Scotland where competitors slid stones of various sizes across frozen lochs. Today the stones are standardized, composed of 42 pounds of granite with plastic handles bolted into the rocks.

Do they Zamboni curling ice?

The ice needs to be resurfaced between each session. As soon as matches end, the crew scrapes off the old pebbles with a machine that is a cross between a Zamboni and a lawnmower. Others sweep and shovel the shavings away.

How much is a curling stone worth?

Stone Price

Typically, curling stones are sold in a set of 16: enough for one sheet. For this quantity of stones, the expected sale price is anywhere between $8,000 to $12,000. Average curling stones will be worth $500 to $750 each. Some curling stone manufacturers do not sell their stones with handles.

Why do they yell in curling?

As it turns out, yelling is the way the skip, or team captain, communicates how the sweepers should continue to move the stone down the ice in order to secure the best shot. According to Mic, curling is a sport in which two teams composed of four players each alternately slide heavy granite stones down an ice sheet.

What country invented curling?


The first Rules were drawn up in Scotland, and they were formally adopted as the “Rules in Curling” by the Grand Caledonian Curling Club, which was formed in Edinburgh in 1838 and became the sport’s governing body.

Is curling really a sport?

Curling is a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target – known as a House. It is an Olympic and Paralympic winter sport with medal disciplines for Women’s, Men’s, Mixed Doubles and mixed Wheelchair teams.

Why is it called a hammer in curling?

By knocking all stones out the opponents could at best score one point, if they had the last stone of the end (called the hammer). If the team peeling the rocks had the hammer they could peel rock after rock which would blank the end (leave the end scoreless), keeping the last rock advantage for another end.

Do curlers use their own stones?

The World Curling Federation uses only rocks from Ailsa Craig, a Scottish Island known for its quarries. Weighing 38 to 44 pounds, they are made of common green granite with an insert of blue hone granite that is better suited for sliding on ice.

What is the three rock rule in curling?

(13) If a player on a four-player team delivers three stones in one end, except as provided for in Rule 5(6) or 5(7), the stone delivered in error shall be removed from play and all displaced stones put back to their original positions.

How heavy are Olympic curling stones?

44 pounds

How much does the stone weigh and what is it made of? The official USA Curling rulebook states that each curling stone cannot be greater than 44 pounds (19.96kg) in weight, and no less than 38 pounds (17.24kg).

Are all curling stones from Ailsa Craig?

For the 2022 Beijing Olympics, all 132 curling stones have been extracted from the quarry on Aisla Craig. The granite available from the isle: Ailsa Craig common green granite, Ailsa Craig blue hone granite, and Ailsa Craig red hone granite, are prized for their tiny molecular structure.

Do curling rocks ever break?

Do curling stones ever break? Due to the high quality granite the stones are made from, it is very rare that you would see a curling stone itself break from impact. Most times curling stones break, it involves the handle coming loose.

How do they sharpen curling rocks?

Papering, as it’s referred to, is an old craft — the process of sanding the bottom of the smooth granite to roughen it up so it grabs the pebbled ice and curls just a little bit more. It’s usually done at the beginning of tournaments.

What happens if you touch a stone in curling?

(2) Between the tee line at the delivering end and the hog line at the playing end: (a) If a moving stone is touched, or is caused to be touched by the team to which it belongs or by its equipment the touched stone is removed from play immediately by that team.

What is the five rock rule in curling?

The five rock rule in curling states that any stone placed inside the free guard zone cannot be removed from play until after the fifth stone is thrown. Any guard stone removed from play by the opposing team is allowed to be replaced, while the thrown stone is removed.

What happens in curling when the clock runs out?

The time must be displayed on a clock clearly visible to the players. If a team’s clock runs out before the completion of the game, the team forfeits the game. Mixed doubles teams receive 22 minutes of thinking.

Can you intentionally burn a rock in curling?

Once the stone crosses the hog line, if a team burns the stone, then they must let the stone and any stones it touches come to rest and then immediately declare the infraction. Doing anything other than that is cheating.

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