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What cement is used for swimming pools?

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Asked by: Cameron Schweigert

Shotcrete is one of the most ideal solution in the construction world used to build a concrete swimming pool. The flexibility of this type of concrete allows for the construction of a concrete pool structure of almost all sizes and shapes.

Can you use concrete to make a pool?

It’s often made using concrete, but it can be formed using brick, pavers, stone, and other options. Next, you’ll want to finish the pool deck or patio using your material of choice.

Can I use white cement for pool?

If you seek a dynamic color or decorative finish as your pool’s interior finish, you will benefit from products that exclusively use white cement. Pool plasterers typically use white cement for swimming pool interiors to ensure a clean, bright, consistent color, especially when formulating light pastel-colored plaster.

How thick is the cement at the bottom of a pool?

To be structurally sound, a concrete pool shell should generally be 6 inches thick. Depending on the engineer and the soil condition, it may be more. (On top of that, the plaster interior finish should be at least ⅜ inch thick.)

What material is used for a swimming pool?

Raw materials for manufacturing swimming pools consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, galvanized steel or metal, fiberglass, concrete, and polyurethane foam.

What kind of plaster is used for pools?

Standard white plaster is the tried and true pool and spa surface finish. White plaster has been around as long as people have been building swimming pools and it remains a popular choice in spite of the myriad of choices that have come into the market in recent years.

What is the mix for pool plaster?

Pool Plaster Basics
According to the Civil Engineers Forum, the basic pool plaster recipe is a 1:2 ratio of white Portland cement mixed with some sort of silicate, such as ground limestone, quartz sand or marble dust.

What is the most common material used in pool construction?


The most common, durable, and construction-friendly material used in outdoor hardscapes around pools is Concrete. Its property to be customized, weatherproof, and pocket-friendly makes it ideal to level up the landscape design around pools to chic and modern.

How long do concrete pools last?

How Long Will a Concrete Pool Last? A concrete pool should last decades (we’re talking 50 years or more) if it is properly maintained. While the shell of the pool can become damaged if the building was not done correctly, a well-constructed concrete swimming pool should last a lifetime.

How thick should swimming pool walls be?

between three and four inches thick

Generally, the pool walls need to be between three and four inches thick. Smooth the pool walls with your trowel, as you did for the base. Now the concrete has to cure properly before you can fill it with water. The concrete curing process allows the concrete to reach maximum strength and takes approximately 28 days.

What is MPA concrete for pools?

The greater the depth of water, the stronger the swimming pool walls need to be. A normal strength Concrete, M20 or higher grade would work fine for the swimming pool.
Nov 1, 2020

What’s the difference between gunite and concrete?

Gunite is the dry mixed form of sprayed concrete. Gunite typically only contains fine particles in its mix while concrete contains both large and small particles. For gunite, builders load a pre-mixed dry material into the delivery equipment. Compressed air is then sent through a nozzle where it mixes with water.