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In which state should Bugs Bunny have taken a left turn?

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Asked by: John Cobb

“I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” That Bugs Bunny statement is a frequently used gag in a number of Warner Brothers cartoons.

Where does Bugs Bunny take a wrong turn?


This joke by Bugs Bunny appears in the 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon, Bully for Bugs, directed by Chuck Jones. On the way to the Coachella Carrot Festival, Bugs takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque and finds himself in the middle of a bull fight in Mexico. Image, Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers.

Should have taken that left at Albuquerque?

This cartoon is the first time Bugs says the popular catchphrase: “I KNEW I ‘shoulda’ (should have) made ‘dat’ (that) left ‘toin’ (turn) at ‘Albakoikie’ (Albuquerque)“). The other is Bugs asks Göring about the directions to Las Vegas, oblivious to his location.

Should have taken a left turn at?

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from Bugs Bunny, probably one of the most popular animated characters in the world. His popularity and the longevity of the character has made him the default mascot for Warner Bros animated project.

Where is the left turn at Albuquerque?

LEFT TURN AT ABQ – Salad – 2910 Yale Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM – Restaurant Reviews – Yelp.

Is Bugs Bunny in Albuquerque?

Bugs Bunny will be making a stop in Albuquerque. The iconic Looney Tunes character will be one of many featured in the exhibit, “The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons,” which opens Sept. 29 at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

Did Bugs Bunny go to Pismo?

Bugs Bunny Travel Tip: Pismo Beach is lovely in the off-season. And all the clams you can eat! I picked Pismo Beach for my honeymoon – thanks for the tip, Bugs! Loved this episode and just arrived here!

What is Bugs Bunny’s accent?

According to Mel Blanc, the character’s original voice actor, Bugs Bunny has a Flatbush accent, an equal blend of the Bronx and Brooklyn dialects. His catchphrase is a casual “Eh.

Is Tweety a boy or girl?


Despite the perceptions that people may hold, owing to the long eyelashes and high-pitched voice (which Mel Blanc provided), Tweety is male although his ambiguity was played with.

Is Bugs Bunny Dead Space Jam 2?

Bugs Bunny made the ultimate sacrifice in Space Jam: A New Legacy, but was revealed to be alive at the end of the movie. So how did he survive? Despite making the ultimate sacrifice in Space Jam: A New Legacy, Bugs Bunny returned in one piece in the movie’s final scene.