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How should the shoulder blades move when swimming breast stroke?

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Asked by: Jeremy Alvarez

What motion should your body do during the breaststroke?

Keep your shoulders, hips and legs as horizontal as possible but slope your body slightly to allow the leg kick to stay beneath the water. The leg kick uses your core and abdomen muscles more than freestyle so it’s important to not to let your hips drop in the water.

What are the 4 movements of the breast stroke technique?

Keep your shoulders pulled up and the palms of your hands together. They write them slowly downwards to ease their entry into the water stretch. Out your arms keeping your hands together glide.

Does breast stroke work shoulders?

The Breaststroke tones the muscles in your shoulders and triceps, as well as your chest muscles. The arm movement includes an in-sweep and an out-sweep motion that build the shoulders and back.

What is the most common mistake in breaststroke?

The most dramatic mistake in the base position is if the swimmer is never — not once in a stroke — even near a base position. In breaststroke, the base position is a perfect streamline. In this position, the moving body has the least amount of resistance.

How can I improve my breaststroke swimming?

Really gliding the stroke out and pulling powerfully with your arms. Your arms and legs should be moving at the same time. So make sure you feel like you've got good timing.

How do you practice proper body coordination in breaststroke?

Use a low chin breathing position, with a quick arm recovery, so your head will drop between your elbows as soon as they are straight, threading the needle with your arms and head, as you achieve a full upper body streamline during the kick rather than after it. My hands begin recovery out of the water.

What do you do with your arms in breaststroke?

Once your arms pass your shoulder width. You should quickly start the next movement. Now your arms are in the best position to pull the water. So get your hands pointing back by bending your elbows.

What are the do’s and don’ts in breaststroke?

Don’t let your hands extend past your shoulders. Don’t push down on the water. Don’t try to overpower the water.

How do you swim breaststroke without getting tired?

Let the hips and feet sink on the recovery. And rise again with the kick and glide. Keep your neck free as your feet drift towards the body and point the top of your head to the other end of the pool.

How do you avoid common mistakes in swimming?

Keep your legs straight and try not to bend your knees. Swimming with your legs bent at the knees increases surface resistance, thus, slowing you down. Don’t make the mistake of exhausting all of your body’s energy reserves during the initial first lap.

What are the 5 biggest mistakes of the swimmers in freestyle?

Polish Your Freestyle Swimming Technique – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

  • Mistake #1: Head position. …
  • Mistake #2: Arm extension and pull. …
  • Mistake #3: Body rotation. …
  • Mistake #4: Kick. …
  • Mistake #5: Breathing.

What is the most common kicking mistake in swimming?

The most common kicking mistake is to bend your knees while kicking. If you do this, you increase the surface area creating resistance. Instead, you want to keep your legs as straight as possible. The easiest way to correct this mistake is to visualize kicking from your hips, not your legs.