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How old is Stratego?

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Two games of Stratego in session
Years active 1946–present
Random chance None
Age range 8+
Skills required Strategy, tactics, memory, bluff

How long has Stratego been around?

1961: Stratego

The original version of war board game Stratego was invented by Jacques Johan Mogendorff in 1942, with company Hausemann and Hotte publishing the game starting in 1961. Each player controls 40 pieces, either blue or red, that represent different officer ranks.

What kills the spy in Stratego?

The Spy is the lowest ranking piece. Every time an enemy officer strikes it, the Spy dies. Every time the Spy strikes an enemy officer, the Spy dies…

Which version of Stratego is the best?

Top 19 Best Stratego Board Games Reviews 2022

  • #TOP 1 Best War Board Game Best Civil War Board Game. …
  • #TOP 2 Best Civil War Board Game. …
  • #TOP 3. …
  • Battle Plans Air Force, a Classic Family Strategy Board Game. …
  • PlayMonster Classic Stratego Board Game. …
  • Stratego-Milton Bradley Board Games. …
  • Stratego Original – strategy game.

Is Stratego similar to chess?

In contrast to chess, Stratego is a game with incomplete information. In this respect it resembles somewhat such chess variants as Kriegspiel or Dark chess. Collecting the information, planning, and strategic thinking play an important role in Stratego. Psychological aspects are very important too.

What was the most popular board game in 1971?

Uno (1971) – Most Popular Board Games, Ranked – AskMen.

What was the most popular board game in 1955?

The Most Popular Board Game the Year You Were Born

  • of 68. 1950: Candy Land. PLAY NOW. …
  • of 68. 1951: Afrikan Tähti. PLAY NOW. …
  • of 68. 1952: Scrabble. PLAY NOW. …
  • of 68. 1953: Peter Pan. PLAY NOW. …
  • of 68. 1954: Traffic Jam. …
  • of 68. 1955: Careers. …
  • of 68. 1956: Yahtzee. …
  • of 68. 1957: Risk.

Do they still make Stratego?

The game remains in production, with new versions continuing to appear every few years. These are a few of the notable ones. The first U.S. edition (1961) Milton Bradley set, and a special edition 1963 set called Stratego Fine, had wooden pieces.

Did Stratego change?

The board is different — there are now craters that you need to move around. Some of the pieces are different as well. They aren’t a typical “army” anymore, but some sort of space agent army type thing. There is now a spotter and a scout, who can move more than one space at a time and have special attacks.

How do you win every time in Stratego?

Winning Stratego tactics

  1. Choose different Setups. …
  2. Use bombs to protect your flag. …
  3. Mix different ranks. …
  4. Hide your Spy. …
  5. Save some miners for the endgame. …
  6. Trade off when you have the highest rank. …
  7. Spread your Marshal and General. …
  8. Check the arrangement.

How many versions of Stratego are there?

two different versions

– Patch is excited to announce its popular board game Stratego® is now available in two different versions: Stratego® Waterloo and Stratego® Conquest! Stratego is the classic game of battlefield strategy that has sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

What war is Stratego based on?

World War II

Stratego was created by Mogendorff during World War II.

What do scouts do in Stratego?

Scouts (9 (or 2 in the European version)) are the weakest movable piece in Stratego, besides for the spy, but they can move any number of spaces in a straight line, and even attack on the same turn.

Can you go backwards in Stratego?

A Scout can move forward, backward, or sideways any number of open spaces into an attack position.

How do you play Narnia Stratego?

Now the object of regular Stratego is you're going to try to capture your opponent's flag. And you're gonna have an army of 40 different pieces in order to help you to accomplish this.

Can a spy capture any piece in Stratego?

Special Spy Privilege: A Spy has no numeral rank. If any piece attacks it, it is captured and removed from the board. But the Spy has a unique attacking privilege. It is the only piece that can outrank a Marshal providing the Spy attacks the Marshal first.

What happens if a spy attacks a spy in Stratego?

SPY SPECIAL ATTACK: The Spy has a very valuable ability: If a Spy attacks a Marshal (10), the Marshal loses and is removed from the game. However, if the Marshal attacks the Spy first, the Spy loses and is removed. A Spy has no rank. If the Spy is attacked by any piece, it is removed.

What happens in a tie in Stratego?

The piece with the worse rank (higher number, in the original edition) is defeated and removed from the board. In the case of a tie, when a piece attacks an opposing piece of the same value, both pieces are removed from the board.

What does the infiltrator do in Stratego?

The infiltrator can infiltrate bombs and the flag. The infiltrator can also attack using the normal attacking method, but remember he is the lowest rank (0) and even loses to the spy. Spotters may move and then attempt to attack and capture any piece on the square in front of it.

What number is the Marshal in Stratego?

The marshal (1 (or 10 in the European version)) is the most powerful piece in Stratego, being able to defeat any movable piece, and safely being able to attack 25-34 of your opponent’s pieces. The only pieces that can beat the marshal are the spy (and only if it attacks first), a bomb, or the other marshal.

How many miners are in Stratego?

Miners (8 (or 3 in the European version)) are the 2nd least powerful movable piece in Stratego (Not including the spy), but they can destroy bombs, meaning that they can actually defeat half of your opponent’s pieces (including other miners).

Who can capture the flag in Stratego?


Stratego is a game in which you need to capture the flag of your opponent while defending your own flag. To capture the flag you use your army of 40 pieces. Pieces have a rank and represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. In addition to those ranked pieces you can use bombs to protect your flag.

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