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How much does a hydrophone cost?

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Asked by: Rene Arsov

Hydrophones can cost from around 250 euros up to several thousand euros. If the budget is extremely low: There are many resources on the web about building you hydrophone starting from a piezo bender. Final cost will be in the range of 25euros.

How far can a hydrophone detect sound?

Using an underwater microphone called a hydrophone, a second boat stationed 900 miles away successfully detected the sounds. Subsequent tests picked up the signal at a distance of 3,000 miles.

What is a hydrophone used for?

A hydrophone is an underwater device that detects and records ocean sounds from all directions. People often think that the underwater world is silent. In fact, numerous marine organisms use sound for communication, reproduction, and to seek prey.

How deep can hydrophones go?

The instruments provide unrivaled depth, range, and precision when measuring sound in the lab and in ocean research. Spherical hydrophone with rugged construction capable of withstanding pressures of up to 9.8 MPa (100 atm; 1000 m (3250 ft) ocean depth) and featuring exceptional directional characteristics.

Is hydrophone a microphone?

A hydrophone (Ancient Greek: ὕδωρ + φωνή, lit. ‘water + sound’) is a microphone designed to be used underwater for recording or listening to underwater sound. Most hydrophones are based on a piezoelectric transducer that generates an electric potential when subjected to a pressure change, such as a sound wave.

How sensitive is a hydrophone?

A typical hydrophone may have a value of Mv peaking around 50 /μV/Pa, but the corresponding decibel level then becomes -206 dB re 1 V /μPa. These extremely negative decibel levels can cause confusion, which is ironic given that the choice of 1 /μPa as the pressure reference level was partly to avoid negative levels.

What does a hydrophone look like?

A hydrophone with a single transducer has a circular conical shape that reflects incoming sound waves which in turn allows the hydrophone to be positioned at varying locations and depth. Figure 1 illustrates how a typical hydrophone is applied underwater to track sound waves from varying sources.

What do you plug a hydrophone into?

How To Record Sounds

  • Plug your hydrophone cable into the IN port on your amplifier.
  • Plug a TRS cable (stereo 3.5 mm cable) into the Head Phone jack located on the side of your amplifier.
  • Plug the USB External Sound Adapter into the USB port on your Mac.

Who invented hydrophone?

Reginald Fessenden, ca. 1920s.

How many hydrophones are in the ocean?

A community of scientists has identified more than 200 non-military ocean hydrophones worldwide and hopes to make the most of the unprecedented opportunity to pool their recorded data into the 2020 quiet ocean assessment and to help monitor the ocean soundscape long into the future.

What is hydrophone made out of?

piezoelectric material

Most hydrophones are made from a piezoelectric material. This material produces small electrical charges when exposed to pressure changes. The pressure changes associated with a sound wave can be detected by a piezoelectric element.

When was the hydrophone invented?


The first hydrophones were developed in 1914 to be used during WW1 to help submarine crews avoid collision with icebergs.