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Effective warm-up before weight lifting circuit?

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Asked by: Gregory Pereira

Here’s a brief overview of the warm-up:

  1. 8 inward hip rotations, 8 outward hip rotations (each side)
  2. 8 forward arm circles, 8 backward arm circles.
  3. 2 minutes jumping rope.
  4. 8 walk-outs.
  5. 12 deep reverse lunge to knee raise.
  6. 12 deep reverse lunge to knee raise.
  7. 15 squats with a 10-rep pulse at the end.

How should you warm-up before circuit training?

Warm-Up Basics

  1. Before any activity, do about 10 minutes of light cardiovascular activity, whether walking, biking or jogging.
  2. Dynamic stretches. After you get your muscles moving, do a series of lunges, jumping jacks or toe touches to stretch a bit.
  3. Dive in.

How should I warm-up before lifting weights?

Start with some light cardio, like a fast walk or gentle jog on the treadmill, or incorporate another piece of cardio equipment like a stationary bike or elliptical machine. Gradually up the intensity until you feel a moderate increase in heart rate and have a light sweat going.

What stretches to do before circuits?

Dynamic Stretches: Warm-up Stretches / Pre-Workout Stretches

  1. Squats. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. …
  2. High knees. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. …
  3. Leg swings. …
  4. Lunges. …
  5. Plank walk-outs. …
  6. Arm circles. …
  7. Standing toe taps. …
  8. Jumping jacks.

Should I warmup before weight lifting?

Physical warm-up is necessary to make sure your muscles are ready to lift weights. It also promotes lubrication in your bone joints and gets the blood flowing in your body. In short, warmup prepares the body for a good workout and reduces the risk of muscle injury.

What are 5 warm-up exercises?

Some other examples of warm-up exercises are leg bends, leg swings, shoulder/ arm circles, jumping jacks, jumping rope, lunges, squats, walking or a slow jog, yoga, torso twists, standing side bends, lateral shuffle, butt kickers, knee bends, and ankle circles.

What are the 3 types of warm-up?

They are:

  • The general warm up;
  • Static stretching;
  • The sports specific warm up; and.
  • Dynamic stretching.

What is the best warm up before a workout?

To warm up before you work out, do low-intensity exercise for five to 10 minutes. Try activities like walking, jogging or jumping jacks. Instead of static stretches, do dynamic stretches, which get your body moving.

How do bodybuilders warm up before working out?

The first stage of the warm-up is a general whole body movement of some sort, preferably an aerobic machine or motion. Jumping rope, light jogging, jumping jacks, stationary cycling, etc. are all great movements to get some blood flowing and allow you time to reflect on the tough stuff ahead.

How do you warm up for a big lift?

Examples of Specific Warm-Up Exercises

  1. Bodyweight Squats (Squats, Deadlifts)
  2. Duck walks with a band around your knees (Squats, Deadlifts)
  3. Dumbbell lateral raises (Bench press, Overhead press)
  4. Dumbbell Overhead presses (Bench press, Overhead press)
  5. Push-ups (Bench press, Overhead press)

What stretches before lifting weights?

For these you want to put your hands on your feet. And come down into a deep squat while keeping your chest up. And hold this position for a couple of seconds.

What should you always do before lifting weights?

Before you lift weights, warm up with five to 10 minutes of brisk walking or other aerobic activity. Don’t rush. Move the weight in an unhurried, controlled fashion. Taking it slow helps you isolate the muscles you want to work and keeps you from relying on momentum to lift the weight.

Should I warm-up with cardio before lifting?

But, just like with running and other forms of exercise, trainers recommend taking a few extra minutes to warm your body up before lifting, especially if you want to make the most of your workout.

How long should I warm-up before lifting weights?

5 to 10 minutes

Try to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes warming up. The more intense your workout is going to be, the longer your warmup should be. Focus first on large muscle groups and then perform warmups that mimic some of the movements you’ll do while you’re exercising.

How long should a cardio warm-up be before lifting weights?

Light Total-Body Cardiovascular Exercise (Bike, Row, Jog, etc) — three to five minutes. Static Stretching (optional) and/or Foam Roll — three to five minutes. Dynamic Warm Up — five minutes.