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Do you have to de winterize a boat?

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Asked by: Heather Slater

De-winterizing your boat should take no time at all if you properly prepared it before you stowed it away for the cold weather months. Even boats that were properly stowed away for the winter need an inspection before putting them on a trailer and heading to the water.

When should you Dewinterize?

Interim Dewinterizing

While you may not want to drain the systems and crank up the engine until you are sure a late freeze is out of the question, the warm/cool days of early spring are the perfect time to get a jump on the rest of the spring commissioning processes.

How do you flush antifreeze out of a boat?

Steps to drain the coolant:

  1. Place a pan under the plug opening. …
  2. Slowly open the drain plug or petcock. …
  3. Drain the engine.
  4. If the drain pan gets full, close the plug, empty the pan into the waste storage jugs, then replace it under the drain and continue.

How do you Dewinterize inboard?

How to De-winterize Your Boat

  1. Take the Tarp Off. Before you do anything, you need to get the tarp or covering off your boat. …
  2. Check the Engine. …
  3. Refill the Cooling System. …
  4. Check Water Pumps and Thermostats. …
  5. Check Cables and Hoses. …
  6. Check Your Battery. …
  7. Clean the Distributor. …
  8. Check the Fuel System.

How much does it cost to Dewinterize a boat?

Many full-service marinas charge around $500 to winterize a boat, but this often includes shrink-wrapping the vessel as well as de-winterization in the spring. Few shops or independent mechanics will offer that latter service.

How do you Dewinterize an RV?

Simply sprinkle baking soda directly into each drain or dissolve it in water and pour it down the drains. Flush the system again until the water tastes clean. Instead of using your RV water pump to flush antifreeze from your camper’s water system, you can also use a garden hose or city water supply.

How do you drain water out of a boat engine block?

Drain the Engine (for inboards and stern-drives)

Locate and open the petcocks (some engines have bronze plugs similar to bilge plugs) underneath the manifolds and on the sides of the engine block. Remove the water-pump hose from the bottom of the water pump to let it drain completely.

How do you drain water out of a boat engine?

Just lower the motor all the way down immediately after pulling out of the water. Let drain while you are packin up the boat. Then hit the starter and run the motor for 2-3 seconds. That will blow all of the water out of the motor and pee hose.

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